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European Type Approved Motorhome Towbars

LNB Towbars are the go to specialists in European Type Approved Motorhome Towbars.
We supply and fit, and distribute more towbar manufacturers than anyone else.
Using suppliers from Germany, Holland, Spain and UK allows us to ensure we can supply towbars to fit the widest range of motorhomes. We carry a very large range of motorhome towbars, chassis extensions and electrics kits in stock.
Call our experienced staff for the best towbar for your vehicle.


Motorhomes registered from April 2012 can only be fitted with a European Type Approved towbar. This means that the towbar has gone through a rigorous test procedure to ensure that it is fit for the job.
Towbars that have gone through the type approval process will be issued with a type approval number and a type approval label must be positioned on the towbar (pictured).

Having a non Type Approved towbar on a 2012 or newer vehicle could leave you the owner prosecutable under the road traffic act and invalidate your insurance. Also as towbars are now covered in an MOT your tester should look for the approval label and may fail your MOT if not present.

Older motorhomes do not generally follow a standard uniform pattern in terms of their structure, and can vary considerably.
For this reason earlier motorhomes will often have to be seen and measured for a suitable towbar to be selected, or a bespoke towbar designed and manufactured to fit.



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Or download our measurement form here to get the perfect match.

Towbar Measurement Form (892kb)

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