Parking Aids

LNB Towbars supply and fit high quality reversing cameras and parking sensors for motorhomes

Parking aids supplied by LNB Leisure include cameras for reversing and parking sensors, specifically designed for use with motor homes. These high-quality reversing cameras come in a white finish, blending in with your motorhome. Customers have a choice between a single or dual camera, offering rear viewing on the screen, which is either mirror-mounted or mounted on the dashboard.

These parking aids are designed especially for long vehicles such as motorhomes and the sensors are sealed watertight, so they can be used in any weather conditions. The wireless technology means that there is minimal intrusion through and into the motorhome.

The parking sensors are also available without the viewing screens, either as an audio kit or with an accurate metric digital display, which offers a visual warning in addition to the audible one. Any potential hazards or obstacles can be seen through the coloured display, ranging from green, to amber, to red, with the distance measured in metres. The parking sensors’ white appearance offers a neat and discreet look to blend in with your vehicle. For your peace of mind, we also include three years of manufacturer’s warranty.

To find out more about our range of parking aids for motorhomes, please get in touch by filling out our online web contact form, or email us at Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team directly by calling us 0117 9694955 or visit us at our Bristol workshop. A member of the team will be pleased to help you with any queries you may have for us.

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Our watertight sealed parking sensors are perfect for motorhomes.
Designed specifically for extra long vehicles.
Wireless technology minimises intrusion through and into the vehicle.

Available as an audible only kit or with an accurate metric digital display that visually warns you of rearward dangers which also gives an audible warning.
The sensors come in white for a neat and discreet look.
Includes 3 year manufacturers warranty
Chosen for their reliability and performance.

Ask us for details about getting these superb reversing aids added to your motorhome!

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