Truma Air Conditioning For Motorhomes

Here at LNB Towbars & Vehicle Extras Ltd, you can be sure of one thing - high quality installation.
We pride ourselves on using the highest quality products, and providing the highest quality proffessionasl installations.
So who better to choose to install your Truma air conditioning system.

Truma Aventa Compact  -  The lightest and quietest roof mounted air conditioner in it's class.

The Truma Aventa compact offers a range of benefits beneath its compact housing. It is light, quiet and powerful. This is thanks to the use of advanced materials and the constant development of previous Truma roof-mounted air conditioners. Our development engineers were able to reduce the compressor noise to a minimum, for example. This makes the Aventa compact the quietest roof-mounted air conditioner on the market. Weight is saved by using expanded polypropylene for the housing. This means the Aventa compact is also the lightest air conditioner in its class.

Its space-saving design makes the Aventa compact particularly well suited for vans. It can also fit on the roof alongside solar panels, satellite dishes or a roof box. But the roof-mounted air conditioner is perfect for caravans, motor homes and liners too.

    Fits on even small vehicle roofs
    Extremely quiet running
    Lightest roof-mounted air conditioner on the market

Compact 1700W
Compact Plus 2200W

Truma Aventa Comfort  -  roof mounted air conditioning with integrated heat pump.

Truma Aventa comfort cools your vehicle to a pleasant temperature within a very short time. The air is also cleaned and dehumidified to ensure a pleasant indoor climate even with minor differences between the inside and outside temperature. But the powerful roof-mounted air conditioning system can do even more: it can also be used as a heater. Thanks to the integrated heat pump, you can heat your motor home or caravan especially on cooler days in spring and autumn. And it’s extremely energy-saving.

    Very efficient in cooling and heating modes
    Switch the air conditioning system on and off easily with the remote control
    High output despite weighing just 33 kilograms

2400W (Cooling) 1700W (Heating)

Truma iNet Box  -  central control unit for Truma networked appliances.

The Truma iNet Box is a central control unit that networks the Truma appliances in your caravan or motor home. Together with your Truma appliances and the Truma App it forms the Truma iNet System. With the iNet Box, you can control your Combi heater and/or a Truma air conditioner remotely from a smartphone or tablet and check your gas supply with the LevelControl.

All you need is the free Truma App. For example, the smart interface enables you to control and monitor the room temperature in your caravan or motor home.

    Convenient remote control of your iNet-capable Truma appliances from your smartphone
    The Alde Compact 3020 HE is now compatible with the Truma iNet System
    Simple installation and start-up via the Truma App
    Simultaneous control from up to four mobile devices


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