Towmaster 2

Britains quickest and easiest to use A-Frame!

The New EZ Lock system is now 4 times stronger and 10 times faster to attach.

Download the Towmaster 2 Brochure Here (438kb)

Towmaster 2 New Features:

  • The Unique EZ Lock system - makes it very fast to attach with a simple 90 degree turn.
    EZ lock is a stronger design, has been made thicker, and is made from a stonger material.
    The addition of a locking tab, on the EZ Lock arms means the attachment lynch pin cannot rotate and is more secure and also allows for a padlock to be used to lock this end onto the towcar for security if desired.
  • Anti Binding Release Levers - make it easier to release the autolok mechanism if the towcar is parked on uneven terrain.
  • New Improved Design Lynch Pins - the new design offers a safe and very secure attachment, and the two parts are cabled together to prevent losing any parts.
  • Stays retracted for storage - adding snug fitting seals to the Towmaster 2 stainless steel arms prevents them accidentally sliding out when packing away into the storage bag.
  • New Design Round Stainless Steel Drawbars - the round shape of the drawbar offers a smoother action and added strength.
  • Built In Cable Holding Clips - permanently fitted clips mean no more bungee cords to hold up the electrics cable.
  • Accessories Included - Towmaster 2 now comes with a coupling lock, high quality made to measure storage bag, and a can of silicone maintenance spray included.

Retained Features:

  • Autolock locking mechanism - allows both A-frame arms to extend or retract for a quick and simple connection without the need for a second person. Then, as you drive away, the arms self-centre and automatically lock.
  • Baked-on powder coat finish - charged particles of pigment are baked into the surface of the A-frame. They fuse to the metal to form a lustrous, uniform and extremely durable finish.
  • Computer-designed and tested - for structural integrity, longevity and safety, Towmaster 2 has been FEA computer tested (Finite Element Annalysis) and destruction tested (fatigue tested on a continuous push pull cycle).
  • Maintains Vehicle NCAP accident safety features - Towmaster uses manufacturers towing locations and does not interfere with any designed crumple zones.
  • 1.2m Long - deliberately designed length to avoid jacknifing the car and motorhome on tight corners.
  • Very Discreet - when Towmaster 2 is removed. As much as possible we want the car to look like a normal car.
  • Lightweight and folds for storage - Towmaster 2 is just 12Kgs and folds away into a neat storage bag that fits in the boot.
  • Dirt Skirts & Bonnet Covers - Ask us about adding these to protect your towed car from stones and dirt.

Towmaster 2

Roadmaster A-Frame Quality Push Pull Fatigue Testing

Towmaster & Invisibrake demonstration

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