Here at LNB Leisure, we offer our clients a range of products and accessories for vehicles, including motorcycle carriers. Whatever size your motorcycle or scooter is, we are sure to be able to provide you with a carrier model that is suitable for your needs.

Usually, you will find that our motorcycle carriers are easily fixed to the back of your vehicle, just as a regular rear bicycle rack would do. It could be fitted right onto the chassis of your vehicle, as well as having the option, normally for large motorcycles, to be fitted with a towbar. This can act as a short trailer for both scooters and motorcycles. Versatile carriers, they are able to carry regular bicycles, not just motorcycles.

It is expected that the chassis motorcycle racks can carrying a weight between 110kg and 150kg, with the average carrying weight being around 130kg. If you require a more heavy-duty carrier, it is possible to choose an alternative option, that can hold a weight between 160kg to a 250kg.

Our carriers come already installed with a vehicle-specific electrical socket, and the cost of the chassis-mounted motorcycle racks is also inclusive of the fitting, so there are no hidden costs with us.

For more information about our motorcycle carriers, and to find out which model is the best for you, you can get in touch through the web contact form, or email us at Alternatively, you can also speak to a member of our staff directly by calling either us on 0117 9694955 or visiting us at our Bristol location.