Electric Braking System

A Frame Power Brakes

Why Power Brakes?

A lot of emphasis is put on braking systems for A Frames by people using them, by European legislators, and by the installers themselves. Rightly so, because most tow cars weigh around 1000Kg. To put that into perspective, it is equal to a builders bag of sand, or 50 of your holiday suitcases, or 20 average men. 
Your towing vehicles brakes are designed to stop its weight, within a given legislated performance parameter that is deemed safe.
 The extra load inevitably means that your stopping distance is going to be increased (surveys suggest as much as 58% greater without assisted braking at 50mph).
The load is also going to put a huge stress on the towbar, The towbars mounting points (often motorhome chassis extensions), the A frame, and where the a frame is attached to the car. Would you fancy catching 1000Kg travelling at 50mph? Think of the stress that goes through a metal car in even a small road traffic accident, and the damage that can be caused. If you are not using power brakes, and are using an inertia coupling, these forces will be sudden and violent, like when jerking a car on a tow rope.

Power Braked Pedal Cable

Our Roadmaster Invisibrake progressive power braking system will slow the towcar from behind the motorhome whenever it is needed. This means there is little or no force on the towbar or A frame, no violent jerking of the components or destabilising of the tow vehicle, and dramatically reduces your braking distance (surveys suggest just 4% greater at 50mph).

Invisibrake meets all European trailer braking legislation. Its compact, and can be hidden out of sight. The progressive braking means when you apply continuous braking force, so does the Invisibrake - The longer you brake in the motorhome the harder your towed vehicle will brake (it will not skid your towcar tyres).

Other Features?

There is nothing to set up, adjust or even turn on, just hook up and go.

The motorhome has an LED mounted as a visual reference when the system is braking.

The motorhome has an audible alarm if something goes wrong, and the brakes stay on in the towcar.

A breakaway cable activates the Invisibrake and brings the towcar to a stop if it detaches from the motorhome.

The braking pressure on the towcars pedal can be adjusted to suit if needed (normally set up at install).

No controls for the system in the motorhome other than braking, so you can't go wrong. This is also a European legislation requirement.

No ugly pistons mounted on the brake pedal that could interfere with your feet, or damage your legs in an accident.

No unsightly boxes mounted inside of the vehicle.

All components are mounted inside the vehicle and are not exposed to outdoor conditions.

No on off switch means the system cannot be accidently activated while driving.

No bulky portable system to install and remove each trip

Vacuum servo assisted braking for normal brake efficiency (no dead pedal)

Invisibrake Operation

Towmaster & Invisibrake Demonstration

LNB Leisure Equipment Ltd is the UK's only Roadmaster distributor.

Call us on 0117 9694955 with any questions.

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