Below is a list of cars that we currently adapt into A-Frame Tow Cars

Sadly it is not possible to adapt every and any car. Not all cars are suitable for our type of towcar adaption, some are too heavy, some do not have a strong enough structure, and we need a devepment demand so we have to draw the line somewhere. However we feel the list of vehicles we do adapt offers our customers a considerable level of choice.

We use a system of towing that does not deface the car with pretruding metal parts. Nor do we change the cars crash properties. We adapt the cars existing crash bar system in such a way that when not being used as a tow car its just as safe to run over a pedestrian or crash into another car or object as it was originally (we don't recommend that you test this). 

Scroll down to take a look at the cars below and choose your tow car.